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Our positive dog trainer and owner, Jess Rollins, has trained hundreds of dogs since 1999 and has earned a Counseling Certificate from the world-renowned SF-SPCA dog trainers academy. This positive dog training guide is the result of years of dog training experience and is a wonderful way to get started training your dog while having fun. 

This FREE Dog Training E-book will help you to:
  • Train your dog using gentle, reward-based methods that work! And most importantly, find out how to have a more rewarding relationship with your dog!
  • Prevent and solve common dog behavior problems such as: Barking, jumping up, nipping, pulling on the leash.
  • House train your dog.
  • Teach your dog basic commands such as "come" and "stay", "leave it" and "drop it".
  • Teach your dog to accept having his nails trimmed and ears cleaned.
  • Learn how to properly socialize your new puppy in order to prevent fear and aggression problems in the future.
  • Learn "The Science of Dog Treats".
  • Bonus - Instructions on how to teach your dog to "Settle" and "Go" where you point!
  • Written by a certified professional dog trainer with years of experience.
  • Helpful worksheets to track your progress with your dog.
  • Dog care guidelines.
  • Includes strategies to help deal with any problem you are having with your dog.
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